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Nutri Ninja Woes!

This has nothing to do with painting I just need to vent!

Every morning I like to start the day with a smoothie. Nothing fancy, greens and berries mostly but helps me get some of my nutrients in. Anyway, my old ninja decided to die so I scraped some money together (poor artist) and bought a new one. Three months later my blood pressure is tested every day. 

It goes something like this.

Fill cup with goodies, attach blade, give it a good luck shake, place it on the base and press go. Wiggle the cup, press go, wiggle some more, button, take off base and shake, base on, button, swear, so, press down, tell dog to stop staring play me, press down, ooh it's working don't breathe, argh. Take blade off as stuff has frozen and stuck solid at the top. Spend ten minutes trying to lose stuff, tell dog to stop staring, shake and shake cup, place on base press go, tears, press down, become excited it's working but can't move and have to keep pressing. When I think I can move I take it off the base and can't undo it as in my frustration I've proper tightened it! 

Buy some new cups I hear you say, they're so expensive I retort. My old cups lasted two years, my sparkly new ones two months. 

So here I sit, calming down, muttering obscenities about the Ninja and the dog is ignoring me.

And breathe!

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